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Chocolate and vanilla custard (EASY bicolor custard recipe)

 This delicious dessert of chocolate and vanilla custard will make the mouth water of everyone who tries it. It will become one of your favourite desserts if you have a sweet tooth. Do you like homemade custard? Vanilla or chocolate? Both delicious, right? Well, today we are going to prepare the two together, they couldn't be richer!

The little ones will like this chocolate and vanilla custard dessert. You can prepare them anytime because they are very effective and taste exquisite. Let's not talk about their texture... soft, velvety, and an absolute delight! Know more about Bosporus Turkish Restaurant In Dubai.

I have prepared this dessert in two-tone custard cups on different occasions and for additional guests, and it is always a real success. I wanted to share this recipe with you and hope you enjoy it.

If you like traditional homemade desserts, we recommend you also try the Basque Goxua, the tocino de Cielo, the rice pudding, or the Catalan cream, which are well-known and delicious desserts from our gastronomy.

Chocolate and vanilla custard


  • 1 litre and a half of whole milk
  • Seven yolks
  • Seven tablespoons of vanilla sugar
  • One vanilla pod
  • 25g cornstarch
  • 100 g chocolate chips

How to make vanilla and chocolate custard

We infuse the milk

  • Split the vanilla pod in half and set it aside.
  • We separate glass of milk from the litre and a half that we will use, pour the rest of the milk into a saucepan and take it to the fire.
  • Heat until almost boiling. We remove the saucepan from the fire.
  • Add the vanilla pod and let stand off the heat for 10 minutes.
  • We put the cornstarch in the glass of milk we have reserved and mix well, so there are no lumps. The milk must be at room temperature or lukewarm. If we see that there are any lumps left, we pass the blender. Know more about Panoor restaurant near me.

We prepare the mixture for the vanilla custard.

  • In a large bowl, beat the egg yolks together with the vanilla sugar until the eggs foam.
  • Pour the mixture of milk and cornstarch. We continue beating until we get a variety without lumps and smooth.
  • Remove the vanilla pod from the saucepan, return the saucepan to the heat and heat until it almost boils (it doesn't have to cook).
  • Gradually pour in the mixture of eggs and cornstarch that we have reserved and beat well with a whisk. At this point, it does not have to come to a boil either: it is essential to cook over low heat. Keep beating until the custard begins to thicken.

We make the chocolate custard.

  1. Once the custard has taken shape, reserve half of the custard in a bowl.
  2. To the saucepan's other half of the custard, we add the chocolate chips and melt them over low heat.
  3. When all the chocolate is well mixed with the custard, the chocolate custard will be ready. Then, carefully pour over the cups.

Assembling the chocolate and vanilla custard

And over the chocolate custard, pour the vanilla custard carefully so that the colours do not mix. Let cool to room temperature and place in the fridge until completely cool.

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